F1 context-sensitive help
ESC same as cancel in some popup windows
ENTER same as OK in some popup windows
TAB / Arrows move focus when on buttons etc
Ctrl-C/X/V copy / cut / paste text and/or links in various text or tree views

Tree Views

up/down/pgup/pgdown/home/end navigate selection
right/plus expand selected lines
left/minus collapse selected lines
ctrl allow multiple selection
space used when doing multisel with ctrl key and up/down arrows
shift allow range selection with up/down arrows
MENU key show popup menu when on tree views, also some text views
ENTER in many tree views is equivalent to a double-click on the current selection


up/down/left/right navigate menus, including sub-menus with left-right
Esc close menu
Delete removes items from most recently used menus, like file locations


F2 on any file/folder/xfer/tracker to rename it
ctrl-c to copy magnet links of selected xfers
ctrl-v to paste in magnet links from clipboard
ctrl-f in transfers view will show filter bar, depress the filter button, and set focus to the filter edit box
ESC on the filter bar edit box will clear all text
Delete delete any selected transfer, including it's files
Delete in trackers tab or main transfer view will remove any selected tracker
ctrl-shift DPF when comments are focused will remove private flag
ctrl-shift DPP when comments are focused will remove private flag and disable PEX

Transfer Preload Window

F2 to rename selected file/folder
ESC when name xfer name is in focus will revert it to original name


ctrl-c in channels list view to copy links of selected channels
ctrl-v in channels list view to create a new channel from link on clipboard


shift-Esc in channel clears chat window
up/down on chat text entry works backlog of previously sent messages
ctrl while clicking a user name in message view will paste it into the input box
ctrl-shift while clicking a user name in message view will paste the user's ID into the input box


ctrl-c in search view to copy links of selected results


ctrl-shift zqz on peer db creates xfer for selected hash
ctrl-shift vtsdj on ipv4 nodes is a segfault for testing purposes
ctrl-shift vtsdd on ipv4 nodes is a infinite loop for testing purposes
ctrl-shift vtsds on ipv4 nodes is an abort signal for testing purposes
ctrl-shift vtsdt on ipv4 nodes is a bad alloc for testing purposes


ENTER on feed items view will create xfer or launch web links

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