Transfer Properties - Files

This list contains all the individual files that are within this transfer.

There are five columns within this view:
This is the exact name of the saved file on the local hard-drive.
This is the local download priority this file has over other files in the same transfer.  If the file has been selected for sequential downloading, this will also be indicated.  For more information, see the description of the 'Priority' sub-menu option in the next section.
These numbers indicate the exact amount of bytes that have been saved to this file and the total bytes expected when the file is complete.
This shows how many pieces have been saved, and their distribution within the file.
This will show any error messages if there was a problem with the file, otherwise the percentage that has been downloaded is shown.

Right-clicking a file will show a popup menu with the following options:
This will launch the file within the local operating system, just as if it was opened in the shell by double-clicking.
Priority sub-menu

These options control the order that the files will be downloaded:
Ultra-high - Normal - Ultra-low - Don't Download

These options control the priority this file has over other files within this transfer. A file that has a priority 2-3 steps above another file will usually complete before lower priority files have started downloading if the availability of the pieces among other peers permits it. Files that are marked 'Don't Download' will not be downloaded although pieces of these files may be received when piece-boundaries overlap other files within the transfer. The most efficient way to download is having all files set to normal priority, so use this feature sparingly.


This feature will prioritize the file to download from beginning to end. Some media files will be able to start playing once the beginning parts have been downloaded, therefore using this feature will allow the file to be streamed in as it plays. Downloading a file sequentially is much less efficient than the usual rarest piece first order, therefore it should only be used when necessary.

Head and Tail First

This will prioritize the first 500KB and the last 500KB of the file over the middle. For certain file types (usually .avi) and certain media players, to start playback it is necessary to have the last few hundred KB of the file intact. It may be necessary to combine this with the 'Sequential' option in order to start playback and stream the file while it is still downloading.

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