Individual Tracker Options
This allows you to specify options for a tracker, in all transfers, from one place.  You can open this window from Settings > Transfers > Trackers.

First, add a line with the URL of a tracker, or a partial URL.  You can use the prefix regex: at the beginning of the line to search for a regex instead of a simple string search.

Immediately after that line, you can specify one or more option lines.  Each line contains one of the following options:

Upon loading of a new transfer
remove_from_new will remove any matching trackers
replace_in_new:(new URL) will replace any matching trackers with the new URL
add_to_new adds the exact match line as a tracker URL, into a new tracker group
add_to_new_last_group adds the exact match line as a tracker URL, but into the last tracker group

Upon tracker announce
skip don't announce to this tracker
alias:(new URL) use an alternate URL to announce
peerid:(new peer ID) announce with a customized peer ID
cookie:(cookie data) announce with a custom cookie data
headers:(new peer ID) announce with custom HTTP headers

After the option lines, leave a blank line before the next match line.

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