Settings - Transfers - Trackers

Tracker Presets
This opens a window to edit the tracker presets, which can be used from several places within the program such as the main transfers view, create new seed window, and categories.

Default Tracker Preset
This will be applied to all freshly-loaded transfers.  It can be overridden in the preload window or by category tracker settings.

Individual Tracker Options
Allows you to specify options for any specific tracker within all transfers.

V1+V2 Protocol Mode
For hybrid v1+2 swarms, this will allow control over which hash-ID is announced to trackers (v1 and v2 use separate IDs).  The dual-announce mode is recommended.

IP Protocol Mode
This will allow you to announce only from the preferred IP protocol as set in Settings > Network > Connections, or to announce always from both protocols if available.

Multi-tracker announce mode
This controls how transfers with multiple tracker groups are announced. The original BitTorrent multi-tracker specification calls for stopping on the first working group, but some users may prefer to announce to all tracker groups at the same time.  It is best to let it announce to all groups for best coverage.

Allow UDP tracker connections
This setting allows connections to trackers that start with udp:.  It is recommended to leave this on because almost all trackers now use UDP.

Announce event=paused to HTTP trackers when partial seeding (BEP-21)
This setting when turned on announces to trackers 'event=paused', when you are seeding a partial torrent file.  This protocol extension is seldom-used by trackers, and it is recommended to leave it off.

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