IP Filter List Format
There are many different block list formats that the Tixati IP Filter is compatible with.  The lists can be loaded from local files in plain text or .gz format, or loaded online from a URL.

Here are some examples of the accepted formats for ranges and individual IPs:

label:,label   (trailing port number ignored)

[2001:db8:1000::1b2d]:12345   (trailing port number ignored)


1. If you only have one entry and one line in an IP filter file, it will not be added at all. The file must have at least 2 lines to be read correctly (see forum thread #7017)

2. Subnets should be specified correctly.
x.x.238.0/23 is a correct subnet specification (even number) and will show 512 IPv4 addresses when loaded, matching x.x.238.0 - x.x.239.255.
x.x.237.0/23 is an incorrect subnet specification (odd number). The odd bit will be stripped, matching x.x.236.0 - x.x.237.255. Do not rely on this behavior! Write your subnets correctly. Consider this behavior unstable and 'implementation specific'.

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