Transfer Properties - Trackers

This list contains all the trackers that will be used to find other peers for this transfer.

The list contains three columns:

Trackers are separated into priority groups. All the trackers in a group will be tried before moving on to the next group. If a tracker responds, it will be moved to the top of it's group. If no trackers in a group respond, the next group will be tried.
This is the exact URL that will be used to communicate with the tracker. Both HTTP and UDP trackers are supported.
Shows the progress and result of the last tracker query. If the query was successful, the status will show a 'time to live' (TTL) time, which indicates how long the tracker will keep the local client's IP address in it's list of peers. It may also show peer and seed count information returned by the tracker. This reflects the total number of peers and seeds indexed by the tracker, not the number of peers and seeds returned in the response.

Trackers can be reordered within a group and moved between groups by dragging them up or down with the left mouse-button.

Right-clicking a tracker will show a popup menu with additional options:

Selecting this option will manually force an announcement to a tracker. This is usually unnecessary as the system will automatically announce to trackers when needed.
Cancel Pending Announce
This option will stop an announcement that is currently in progress. It will not unregister the local client's IP address if an announcement has already been completed.
Remove Tracker
Removes the currently selected tracker(s).
Move Up / Down
These options will change the selected tracker's position within the group, or if the tracker is at the beginning/end of a group, will move the tracker into the next adjacent group, possibly creating a new group to do so.
Edit Trackers
This will popup a window that allows the user to specify a tracker URL and group number. For more information see the Edit Trackers help page.

For more options relating to trackers and how they are announced, see the Settings - Transfers - Trackers help page.

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