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File completion shell commands
For some basic details on using the File Completion Shell Commands feature, see File Completion Shell Commands

Peer read caching
Options are:
Direct Reads
Strong batching
Predictive (default)
Strong predictive
64 KB blocks
128 KB blocks
256 KB blocks
512 KB blocks
1 MB blocks
2 MB blocks
4 MB blocks
8 MB blocks

File Allocation
Options are:
1. Full Pre-write
(Using this option will help prevent disk fragmentation on certain older filesystems, but will also cause a delay when new transfers are initializing due to the need to write out the entire file (with zeroed data) to the hard-drive. Only use this option if you are sure you need it.)
2. Fast Allocate (default)
3. Sparse Files (is the fastest method, but may be presumed to cause the most file fragmentation)

File delete method
Select the way you want to delete files. Options are:
1. Confirm Delete
2. Confirm Delete/Trash
3. Confirm Trash
4. Direct to Trash

Incomplete file name format
Temporary definable tag added on incomplete files. Original filename restored on file completion.

Auto-select files in new transfers
Auto-select files feature helps to trim useless files from newly-loaded torrents quickly, and if single file remains, move it into outer download folder.  Files can be selected by name-matching or file size parameters.  Click the Configure button to customize the behavior.  For more information, see File Auto-Select.

Move individual files immediately on completion
When enabled, files will be moved as completed, not waiting for all files in the torrent to finish.

Directly move file/folder if possible when changing location
If this option is active, all moves within the same hard-disk partition will happen by re-linking the file to the new location instead of moving it by copying / deleting.

Error on missing downloaded files
If this option is active, a transfer that has previously created it's files will stop with an error if it can not find those files the next time it is started. This prevents re-downloading data that may simply have been moved to a different location between sessions. If this option is not active, the transfer will simply re-create the files from scratch and start downloading from the beginning.

Skip last-write time checks
(Not recommended)

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